Know the Most Common Weakness in Your Truck

February 24, 2023, 4:35 pm

Diesel pickups are strong workhorses. They do a much better job at any task then a gasoline-powered truck. And while they are usually built to be strong and long-lasting, each manufacturer has certain issues that an owner should know.

Cummins: The 5.9 liter motors are extremely durable. Later 6.7 liter models had Turbo (VGT) and EGR issues most often, and occasional head gasket problems.

Duramax: Early model trucks had injector issues, but once the CP3 injector pumps came along these units were quite dependable. On LML engines equipped with a CP4 injector pump, at some point you’ll want to replace it with a CP3 conversion kit. A CP4 failure is a disaster!

Powerstroke: The early 7.3 performed well and is very durable. Later 6.0 and 6.4 motors had oiling and fuel system issues. The 6.7 motor is a robust unit, but has some turbo issues at times.

One way to avoid most of these issues is to keep up with your maintenance. Clean oil and clean fuel (and clean filters) will go a long way to prevent most of the above from happening. Talk to us about keeping you on track with your maintenance needs.

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